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 ImmunoPower to be retired

by Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS
developer of ImmunoPower
June 12, 2012
            It is with considerable regret that we announce the retirement of our flagship product, ImmunoPower.  We appreciate all of our customers who have been supportive and provided us with unsolicited testimonials regarding the efficacy of ImmunoPower for their health needs.
IPEZ option:  We hope that ImmunoPower customers will consider purchasing ImmunoPower EZ (IPEZ) as a substitute.  IPEZ is a more cost effective ($94 vs $218/month) and convenient (all pills, no powder), and simpler formula (59 vs 89 ingredients) compared to ImmunoPower.  IPEZ will be available for the foreseeable future.
Some details on this ImmunoPower transition can be found below.
            DEVELOPMENT: Patrick Quillin was privileged to organize 3 international symposia on "adjuvant nutrition in cancer treatment in 1992, 1994, and 1995.  From these continuing medical education seminars came the notion: "a well-nourished cancer patient can better manage the disease and the medical therapies for the disease."  The textbook ADJUVANT NUTRITION IN CANCER TREATMENT was written in 1994 by various academically-affiliated authors.  In 1998, Quillin created the formula for ImmunoPower 1.0.  With new scientific evidence, the formula was updated and enhanced to sequential versions of 2.0, 3.0 and finally 4.0.
            STRIKE ONE: In spite of overwhelming evidence supporting the use of nutrition supplements during the medical treatment of cancer, most of the 10,000 oncologists in the USA consider nutrition supplements to be contraindicated during chemo and radiation therapy.
International Journal of Cancer, volume 123, pages 1227-1239, 2008
            STRIKE TWO: The economic corrections that began in 2007 hit many people hard.  ImmunoPower is not reimbursed by insurance, but rather an out of pocket expense.  Many people did not have the disposable income for ImmunoPower.  Sales declined precipitously.
            STRIKE THREE: While most prescription drugs have a markup of 100 to 5000 (which equals 10,000-50,000% markup) times the cost of the product, ImmunoPower has a 20% markup.  While many doctors were interested in selling the product from their practice, the markup was not enough to allow middle men to have a decent profit of selling ImmunoPower in doctors' offices.
            STRIKE FOUR: In spite of no deaths from nutrition supplements and over 100,000 deaths annually from the on label use of prescription drugs, the Food and Drug Administration decided that more quality control was needed from the nutrition supplement industry.  Each ingredient for ImmunoPower arrives with a "certificate of analysis" from the vendor.  The FDA wants the manufacturer to obtain an additional certificate of analysis for each ingredient.  With 89 ingredients in ImmunoPower, the cost and effort involved for this unnecessary step became prohibitive.
            STRIKE FIVE:  ImmunoPower is the world's most complicated nutrition supplement with 89 ingredients.  While a wonderful vitamin manufacturer was able to manage this amazingly complicated production task for 13 years, they could no longer accept the unprofitable burden of making ImmunoPower.  Through persistent efforts, no other vitamin company would take on the task of making ImmunoPower.
            We appreciate your support.  Perhaps someday, in a more enlightened era, ImmunoPower will be resurrected and put to good use.
Best wishes for your Getting Healthier,
Patrick Quillin, PhD,RD,CNS

developer of ImmunoPower 

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